Aesthetic-Design Effect

Question 1. Summarise.
In this article it talks about the better looking the product, the more likely it is to be used. Despite whether it is true or not, people seem to pick more-aesthetic designs over less-aesthetic because they look better and look easier to use. The same can be said about human attractiveness. Sometimes the better looking a person is the more people want to talk to them. (Lidwell, Holden, Butler, 2003). When a person has named their car it is the same as positive Aesthetic design. It is rare for people to do the same thing when they have negative attitudes towards them. A positive relationship with something can cause creativeness and better problem solving skills, whereas something with a negative relationship can cause the opposite. (Lidwell, Holden, Butler, 2003). Always aspire to create Aesthetic designs, since they look easier to use, are more popular, and help people with their problem solving skills, and creativeness.

On the Merriam-Webster (2014) site all the Aesthetic definitions talk about beauty. The saying, “what is beautiful, is usable,” depends on the user. There can also be a different judgement on the website, depending on the order the information is given. Even if it is the same sort of information (Sutcliffe, 2010).


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