Aesthetic Design part 2

Question 2: Study three examples that meet the Aesthetic-usability effect principal.

Item one: iPhone

The iPhone, so I have heard, are constantly making bad updates. In fact, I heard that every second new model is worse than the rest. It had not effected their sales, however, and people continue to buy their new phones. Why is this? My best friend has told me the 5c was the worst one she’s had. The battery life was horrible, and when she wanted to do the update, they made her delete all her apps. Instead of getting a new brand of phone, she just got the S5. She likes the design of the iPhone and it is easy for her to use.

Item two: The Laptop

Nowadays, you see more people on their laptops, rather than their computers. This is because a laptop is smaller, and you can actually carry it around. I know I barely use my computer, because being able to sit in the lounge room and watch a bit of television while I complete my assignments is better than sitting on a hard chair in my room, alone. A laptop also looks better. There is no cord hassle except for the charger.

Item three: Touch Screen.

When I got my first touch screen phone, I was no newbie to touch screen. I was still excited for it, though. Where I work, all our screens for taking orders on had touch screen. It is just easier to touch the screen on the thing you want, rather than pushing buttons or using a mouse cursor. Touch screen’s are also more time effective. Just a few taps on the screen and the work is done for you.


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