Week 2: Consistency

Everyone knows famous logo’s. Ford, Volvo, Apple, McDonald’s. Someone has to design them and they have to make them recognisable and easy. When people see the logo’s, they have a fair idea on what to expect because of past experiences. For example, I know I can expect a good car if I see Ford. I know to be careful if I am holding an Apple product. I know McDonald’s is fattening but tastes good. If the same logo is used on the same companies products, it is consistent and easy for the customers to know what to expect.

When signs and traffic lights are consistent, it makes it easier for people to know what to do. You know if you see a red octagon which has ‘Stop’ written in white on it, you should stop at the white light for three seconds at least. Obviously only start driving forward when it is safe to do so. When approaching a set of traffic lights and the light turns amber, you know to start slowing down, unless you are too close. Once the light is red, you know it is going to turn green soon. These are forms of functional consistency.

An alarm does not always have to have the same noise, but if you hear a loud noise, which sounds like an alarm, then you generally know something is wrong. It could be a fire alarm or a security alarm. These are forms of external consistency. They are consistent in the fact they are loud noises and they generally have someone, whether it is a prerecorded message or a real person, saying it is not a drill and that people are having to evacuate.

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