Credibility 3.

Future credibility:

  • I think in the future out of date websites.
  • Websites where anyone can change anything.
  • Websites which have nothing to do with their name.
  • Websites that have more adverts than information.
  • Websites which have no references on it.
  • Websites which reference a site like Wikipedia.
  • Websites which look like a kid designed them.
  • Websites which are hard to read.
  • Websites that are reaching out to the wrong target audience.
  • Non-official sites, which are asking for your credit card details.
  • Websites which look like they haven’t been edited for a few years or more.
  • A website that its URL and website name do not match.
  • A biased website, which says its products are the best of its kind.
  • If you already know what is being said is not true.
  • Websites which are only advertising their own products, saying they are the best.

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