Credibility part 1

Why is it important to assess the credibility of websites? When you want to find some things out, you do want to learn the correct things. If a website can be edited by anyone and the information can be added without references, then you know that you can’t trust it 100%. However, if a website has gov in the URL, or you know it’s a credible site, like a news site, then it can usually be trusted. The reading went on about different things a website can have that makes it seem less credible or more credible. If a website has org in the URL, most people believe it to be true, but that is not necessarily always the case (Fogg, 2003).

As a student, I am required to do research and make sure I only use credible websites to gain my research and knowledge. If I was to use a non-credible website, like a parody news site, or Wikipedia, then my entire assignment may be treated like the site and I might get a fail. If I make sure I only use credible sites, then my assignments will be treated better, and I may pass.


Fogg, B. J. (2003). Credibility and the World Wide Web. In Persuasive Technology: Using Computers
to Change What We Think and Do (pp. 147‐181). Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann


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