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When you know how a person reacts to certain things, it is easier to design a website for their needs. This is why Psychology is important in design. Without it, you are guessing. You don’t need a PHD in Psychology to use it in your design. There are a few simple Psychology principals you can use. (, 2012)

Visceral reactions is reactions our ancestors had which helped their fight or flight instincts. Our brain still thinks like that when we are near food, shelter, danger or reproduction. Pattern matching is the way we see everything, varying from peoples faces to words. We subconsciously hunt for familiar things. When we see repeating patterns, we know we have seen it before. If we don’t recognise the pattern, we automatically think we are seeing the thing for the first time. (, 2012)

References,. (2012). 10 Psychological Principles to Design With | Psychology of Web Design | 3.7 Blog. Retrieved 2 November 2014, from


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