Performance load 4

computer101 download (3) silver-car-isolated


Computer- The computer used to just be a bunch of numbers, which you had to remember combinations to be able to do certain tasks. Now it is so much easier to use a computer, there is no need for remembering the number combinations, so there is less work load.

Mobile- The mobile phone, when it first came out was like a brick. It was big and fat, and had buttons. Now most mobiles are touch screen, and only has a menu button, on/off button and a volume button.

Car- While driving a car, you have a lot of responsibility. You are having to worry about the actual driving of the car and also other people, either in other cars, or walking on the footpath. This is a high performance load. They are now building new cars, which help you to avoid collisions. If the car senses it is going to hit something, the steering wheel will turn on its own to avoid the collision. This is taking away from the performance load of driving.


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